Drought in pilot site (Catalonia)

Drought forecasts based on forecasted all gridded hydro-meteorological time series (EFAS driven by IFS-SEAS) for the Catalonian pilot site. All the drought products can be reproduced for the Catalonian region. The figures below are example drought products for the Catalonia.

Description & Technical Information


Drought forecasting for Catalonia region is available for all products with different variables (precipitation, precipitation-evapotranspiration, soil moisture, groundwater, runoff, and discharge) and methods (the Standardized Indices and TLM). Moreover, time series of drought indices can be provided for specific area upon request (see example of SPI-6 index time series for Berga Catalonia from October 2017 to April 2018).

Technical information

Coverage Catalonia as pilot site
Horizon 15-46 days, up to 7 months
Time Resolution Daily (TLM up to 7 months), monthy (the Standardized Indices up to 7 months)
Spatial Resolution 5 km
Update Monthly
Nature Raster Maps, Time Series
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