Fire Danger Index

It as a product of fire danger index.

Description & Technical Information


It is a product of fire danger index, so the represents the level of danger discretized in classes (very low, low, medium-low, medium, medium-high, high, extreme).

Product available upon agreement with the Italian Civil Protection Department.

Technical information

Coverage Global, European, National, Local
Horizon 10 days
Time Resolution 6 hours (Global), 6 hours (European), 3 hours (National), 1 hour (Local)
Spatial Resolution 10 km (Global), 10 km (European), 1 km (National), 50 m (Local)
Update RISICO starts executing the run when the NWP is available. Later, RISICO executes a new run each 3 h including the new available meteorological observations and the output of updated meteorological models
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Model or Algorithm