Probability of precipitation type

Probability of precipitation type calculated for the different precipitation categories (drizzle, rain, freezing rain, snow, wet snow, sleet and ice pellets) of an Ensemble Numberical Prediction System. The precipitation rate variable is used to classify the probabilities in different precipitation intensities.

Description & Technical Information


The instantaneous probability of precipitation type (%), shown for a given site, depicts the temporal evolution of precipitation type probabilities (drizzle, rain, sleet, wetsnow, snow, freezing rain and ice pellets) for a specific location as a time series, to help the user make better decisions regarding particular events.

The probability of precipitation type can be displayed combined with the instantaneous total precipitation rate to provide for example an indication of potential freezing rain events and their likely severity, heavy snowfalls, etc.

Ideally, this product is plotted as a meteogram, showing the probabilities of each precipitation type for a specific location.

Technical information

Category , ,
Coverage Global
Horizon 7 days
Time Resolution 3 h
Spatial Resolution 0.2° (~18 km)
Update 12 h
Nature Raster Maps
Availability , , ,

Model or Algorithm