Rate of spread

Rate of spread and effect of wind on it.

Description & Technical Information


The rate of spread that represents the numerical rating of the expected rate of fire spread. In addition, it provides the effect of wind on rato of spread, as a multiplicative factor applied to the potential rate of spread on flat terrain in no wind condition (static input parameter) which consider the effect of wind speed and direction on rate of spread.

Product available upon agreement with the Italian Civil Protection Department.


Technical information

Coverage Global, European, National, Local
Horizon 10 days
Time Resolution 6 hours (Global), 6 hours (European), 3 hours (National), 1 hour (Local)
Spatial Resolution 10 km (Global), 10 km (European), 1 km (National), 50 m (Local)
Update RISICO starts executing the run when the NWP is available. Later, RISICO executes a new run each 3 h including the new available meteorological observations and the output of updated meteorological models
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Model or Algorithm