Simulated soil moisture

Soil moisture from a continuous simulation of the LISFLOOD hydrological model used within EFAS forced by interpolated observed meteorological input.

Description & Technical Information


Within EFAS the LISFLOOD hydrological model is run as a continuous simulation using interpolated observed meteorological data. This simulation provides the initial conditions for the EFAS forecasts. The simulated soil moisture is taken from the upper soil layer of the model. It can be provided either as a volume or as an anomaly calculated using the long term average (m) and standard deviation (s) of the soil moisture on that calendar day as


where X is the simulated soil moisture. The long term average and standard deviation are taken from a 22 year simulation of LISFLOOD.

Technical information

Coverage Europe
Time Resolution 1 day
Spatial Resolution 5 km
Update Daily
Nature Raster Maps
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