Storm surge sea level

Total water level taking into account the astronomic tide and the atmospheric contribution

Description & Technical Information


The Storm Surge Level (SSL) product is based on the forecast of the SCHISM hydrodynamic model within EFAS for the Pan-European scale, and on the forecast of the REGIONAL-Storm surge model SCHISM for the regional scale. This product shows the forecasted total sea level calculated considering the astronomic tide and the atmospheric contribution due to changes in atmospheric pressure (inverse barometer) and wind set-up/set-down effect. It provides information of total water level at pan-European and regional scale. It is typically presented as a colour map of the sea level in elevation bins (positive/negative) referred to mean sea level. Data is available with 10 km resolution in the coastal areas (60 m resolution for the regional scale).

Technical information

Coverage European coastline, Regional
Horizon 72 h
Time Resolution 3 h, 30 min
Spatial Resolution 10 km, 60 m
Update 24 h
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Model or Algorithm