A4EU Operational Platform

  • Every year, Extreme Weather events causes more than 200 Million Euro of Damages and Millions of Lives are lost.

    Our Communities are tragically hit by Forest Fires, Flash Floods and Storm Surges. Snow and Droughts affect seriously our supplies and economies. Heatwaves and pollution affect our Health, specially of those most vulnerable.

    Although forecasting is available, it is necessary to translate a regional view into Impacts on precise locations, to focus the efforts to protect People at Schools, Transports and Collective centers, saving lives.

    Introducing a new paradigm for Emergency Management, the A4EU Platform allows Control Centers and First Responders to go beyond Meteorological Forecast towards Impact Forecast with a new level of accuracy helping to prepare before the events and increasing their efficiency during the Emergencies.

    This new level of accuracy helps First Responder to increase their Efficiency during the Emergencies. This information will help directly Citizens to rise their Self-Protection capabilities, including specific tools for the most vulnerable locations and also support the Emergency Response Control Centers and First Responders to increase their Efficiency during Emergencies.

    An array of tools has been developed, each aimed to a particular user type: Civil Protections, Population and Solution Providers. For Civil Protection and First Responders, the A4EU Platform has been developed and implemented on Six Pilot sites within Europe.

    The A4EU Platform introduces a new paradigm, increasing the granularity of the available forecasts, an locating the precise Critical Points, like Schools, Train Stations, Hospitals, and Population on areas at risk.

    This accuracy allows the Control Centers to focus on locations instead of vast regions, helping them to warn and prepare the Society and First Responders before, during and after the extreme events, maximizing their capabilities.