Task C


Improved flash flood hazard assessment


Objective: In the context of the CP Prevention project EDHIT, rainfall nowcasts were used to assess the potential hydrological impact of precipitation by aggregating them over the catchment upstream of each point of the drainage network (described with a resolution of 1km2) for catchments between 10 and 5000 km2. The main objective of this task is to improve the flash flood hazard assessment module by improving the definition of the thresholds used to assess the probability of occurrence (i.e. the return period), and explore the possibility of using EFAS soil moisture products to account for the antecedent conditions of the catchments where precipitation occurs.


Action C.1: Improved estimation of the probability of occurrence of flash floods.

Action C.2: Implementation of the thresholds for flash flood hazard assessment.

Action C.3: Explore the use of soil moisture in the module for flash flood hazard assessment.