Project Coordinator


Languages: Spanish, English, French, Catalan


Licenciado en Ciencias Físicas, Universidad de Barcelona, 1986
DEA in Mécanique des milieux Géophysiques et Environnement, Université Joseph Fourier (Grenoble, France), 1987
Ph.D. in Hydrology, Institut National Polytèchnique de Grenoble (France), 1990

- Professor of Environmental Engineering, Department of Terrain Engineering, Geophysics and Cartography. Universitat Politècnica de Catalunya (UPC).
- Director of the Centre de Recerca Aplicada en Hidrometeorologia (CRAHI), Center of the Technological Innovation Network of the Catalan Government.

Professor of environmental engineering at the Civil Engineering School of the UPC, and Director of CRAHI. More than 15 years of experience on hydrological modelling and on precipitation estimation by radar. Coordinator of more than 10 Spanish projects related to water management and floods and leader of the Spanish teams in a number of EC RTD projects (HYDROMET, ENV4-CT96-0290; MITCH, EVK2-1999-00228; VOLTAIRE, EVK2-CT-2001-00273; FLOODSITE, GOCE-CT-2004-505420; HYDRATE, GOCE-CT-2005-037024; and the ERA-NET CRUE project EWASE, ERAC-CT-2004-515742). Chairman of the IV European Conference on radar in Meteorology and Hydrology (2006), member of the Radar Committee of the American Meteorological Society (2005-2007) and presently member of the scientific organizing committees of ERAD 2004-2010. AMS Radar Conference 2005-2007, and WRaH 2004-2008. Member of the Hydrology Section of the Spanish CEGG as well as of the editorial board of the journal Ingenieria Hidráulica en México, of the Consulting Council of the Meteorological Service of Catalunya, and Spanish representant in the COST 731 action. In 2001 obtained the Research Distinction of the Catalunya Governement, what entitles him to be free of academic duties and be fully devoted to research.

1995. Award to the best Post-Doctoral research in Environnement of the Fundación Caja de Madrid to the original work: Analysis of the hydrological impact of forest fires. January 1995.
2001 Research Distinction of the Catalunya Governement (modality young scientists). July 2001.
2004 Second price in the Concurso de ideas de negocio del programa INNOVA .
2005 Third price for Technological Enterpreneurs of the Caixa de Manresa.
2005 Third price Investigación en ciencias experimentales, técnicas y de la salud sobre protección civil (Spanish Civil Protection) to a supervised Ph.D.

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